mCentric was created with specific customization for organizations like Project Management Institute® (PMI) chapters in mind.

Whether your organization holds events, or wants to measure member engagement, mCentric can help.


mCentric aggregates the data that you keep about your current and prospective members. Segmenting your members based on the traits that are evident in your data allow for better targeting of your campaigns.

Need to see the list of members that are expiring this month? Next month?

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With better segmentation capability and targeting, use mCentric's integrated email capabilities to execute specific campaigns and maintain contact with your constituents.

Why should maintaining lists of members be so difficult?

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Need to advertise meetings or events regardless of entrance fees? mCentric can help you setup, advertise, and sell tickets to your events.

If you're holding a no-fee event and still need these services, mCentric can accommodate no-fee events that will not impact your bottom line.

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